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Ooohhh Ltd are specialists in Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Media, Marketing, and Computer Installation and Repair.

Based in Birchington, Thanet, Kent, we provide a wide range of services to varying parties from web design for overseas property companies, search engine optimisation for Insurance companies to Computer installation and repair to the general public.

Our MD has been everywhere and done everything - from Motor Racing to Stained Glass Windows!

He's got the chat but more importantly the drive and confidence to see things through.

We quite like him, (but don't let him know!)


We have a web site Manager who seems to be able to explain, clearly in English, what he actually does.

Consequently, the team believe that he is probably the only "Website Engineer" who knows what he's doing!

Comfortable building websites as well as optimising them, we applaud him for not going down the path,

walked by so many, of attempting to baffle civilization with jargon. All power to him!


The web team behind him know their stuff. They have worked projects from Civil Engineering & Pharmaceuticals to Overseas Property Development.


We have our own sound engineer/videographer/photographer.

He's worked with some world famous bands, and has even been known to film them between parties.

The equipment this man has is incredible. Theres not much he can't do.


The Media/Marketing team is led by the best salesman around.

This fella has worked in the Leisure Industry, Overseas Property, UK Property, Finance & Music Publicity.

If he cant sell it (or you!) - it cant be sold.



Covering * Birchington * Minster * Manston * Monkton * Ramsgate * Margate * Broadstairs * St Nicholas * Acol * Canterbury * Herne Bay * Whitstable